Becoming Aurora (cover image) The new novel by australian author Elizabeth KasmerSneak Peek at the cover to “Becoming Aurora”

The first time I sat down to try my hand at this ‘writing a novel thing’ I started with a vague story idea and a promise to myself to see this thing through to the very end, even if it killed me.

In that first writing session I wrote some long winded descriptions about the residents of an aged care facility. How they smelled like boiled cabbage and even though it was the middle of summer, they all wore cardigans. It was at this point my brain went: ‘Oooh, isn’t there a Swedish band called The Cardigans?’

I then proceeded to spend the rest of my designated writing time watching video clips on YouTube. Of course, none of that writing made it to the final draft and somehow, in the years since that shaky start, I managed to stay off the internet long enough to keep that promise to myself and finish my novel.

So here’s to making commitments, to finding the courage to start and (thanks mainly to coffee and the kind words of mentors and friends) making it to a point where you can type those magical words: The End.

My sincere thanks to the very talented Jo Hunt for a truly awesome cover.

Becoming Aurora is the first novel to be published by new Australian author Elizabeth Kasmer.