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Advice on writing:

Ever feel that the work of writing is getting all too hard? Look no further than the wonderful Kate DiCamillo. Her wise and insightful advice will inspire you to keep going.


Aurora by Edward Burne-JonesWho is Aurora?

Aurora is not only the name of the main character in my novel she is also a painting by Edward Burne-Jones. Aurora is in the collection of  the Queensland Art Gallery.

Aurora 1896, Edward Burne-Jones. Oil on canvas, purchased 1954
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Interested in developing your own creativity?

Bruce Mau has plenty of advice for people looking for the inspiration or the courage to start their own project. My personal favourite is: “Begin anywhere. John Cage tells us that not knowing where to begin is a common form of paralysis. His advice: begin anywhere.”

 Read a book

Go to the library. It’s FREE! Not sure what to read? Ask a librarian. These people know books and will fall over themselves trying to help you.
Alternatively, you could visit your local book store. Buying a book comes with the feel-good bonus of knowing you are supporting a local business (not to mention hard working writers and publishers).

Draw something

The view from your bedroom window. The back of your hand. That interesting leaf you picked up on the way to the bus stop. The epic life and death battle of ant vs spider you witnessed whilst waiting at said bus stop. Drawing forces you to look harder.

Visit an art gallery

You will be rewarded with beautiful moments of stillness.